You need exercise, too

Some people say that if you stick to a good diet, you will lose weight without doing anything else. They suggest that exercise is not really necessary. You may lose weight, it is true, but exercise is important for several reasons.

The importance of young people exercising cannot be overstated. it will tone you up, slim you down, and make your body feel better. Your emotional health and how you feel about yourself will also improve. You will find, in addition, that a fit body has a greater tolerance for stress. The more you move around, the better off you will be.

A common belief is that exercise builds appetite, tempting us to eat more and preventing us from losing weight. But many long-standing beliefs are sometimes found to be false. Exercise doesn’t necessarily build appetite. Outdoor activity actually decreases appetite in some individuals, but if you find it does make you hungrier, indulge yourself with low-calorie snacks. Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole-grain crackers are particularly good for this.

When to exercise

Try to exercise at the same time every day. By setting aside a certain time of day for exercising, you will guarantee that your exercises get done. It’s no good deciding that you want to exercise and then finding that you have no time for it.

If you usually have a snack after school, try exercising instead. Then you will be burning calories instead of adding them, and you will probably be having a good time in addition to all the other benefits.

What to wear

It is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Shorts and a T-shirt or leotards and tights make good exercise outfits. You don’t need special attire. You may exercise barefoot indoors, but outdoors you should wear shoes. If you have long hair, tie it back. Before you start, remove your jewelry, especially watches and earrings.

Maybe you are self-conscious about the appearance of your body in shorts or other athletic gear and don’t want anyone to see you. That’s understandable, but did you know there are many exercises you can do in the privacy of your own room?

Where to exercise

You don’t need fancy equipment or a special room to exercise. All you need is a space a little larger than your bed. To protect your back, exercise on a rug or mat.

If the room has a mirror, use it to check your posture while you work out. Good posture really improves the appearance of the body. Keep your shoulders back, but don’t force them into an unnatural position. Pull your tummy in, stand erect, and, when you walk, let your arms swing with a natural rhythm. If you have good posture, your stomach and back muscles can support your internal organs without strain.

Maybe doing exercises in the privacy of your own room doesn’t appeal to you. You’d really rather engage in regular team sports, but that is impossible because you aren’t good enough to get on any team. Even in gym class you’re always one of the last chosen when the class divides into teams. One thing is important to remember. Sports aren’t just for the few who can make the first team. Sports are for having fun with your friends.

During warm weather, you can exercise outdoors. Ask an adult to erect a backboard and basket in front of your garage. You and your friends can organize your own games, depending on how many players are available. This outdoor exercise is as good for you as playing on the first-string varsity team. However, your objective will be different – simply to enjoy yourself while becoming physically fit.

If no friends are available, get out and ride your bike. Jumping rope is also good for you.

Final tips

Being physically fit means having the energy and strength to perform daily activities without feeling “run down.” When you are physically fit, your heart, lungs, and muscles are strong, and your body is firm and flexible. Your weight and body-fat percentage are within a desirable range.

Physical fitness will help you control your weight and cope with stress. You’ll feel and look better, and that often means success in anything you want to do.

Getting in shape is important for your future. You’ll be healthier both now and as an adult, and that means a more enjoyable and active life!

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