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Eight great moves to a leaner healthier you

Weight-lifting exercises for women are presented. Standing Hamstring Curl strengthens hamstrings and gluteals, while Bent Arm Row tones up rear deltoids and triceps. Other exercises include Shoulder Raise, Bicep Curl and Hip Extensions. Lifting weights helps you lose weight, fight osteoporosis and burn calories Lifting weights may be the fastest – and smartest – way […]

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Bone-building exercises: how to stay strong and fight osteoporosis

A bone-building exercise regimen for women is presented. The exercises may be useful in preventing osteoporosis, a common problem among middle-aged and old women. Exercises for the arms, upper body, shoulders, spine and hips are described. The average woman’s bone mass begins to decrease after about age 35, leading to the bone disease osteoporosis for one woman in […]

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Getting started … again!

Exercising can be hard for those who are only getting started and those who are restarting a fitness program. Making fitness a habit is individual since some prefer to view it as a social activity while others see it as a time to be alone. Some tips on establishing an active life style are presented. One of the […]

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Pilates power: tips to improve your performance from the pros

Take a look around you and chances are someone you know has tightened, toned and strengthened his or her body by practicing Pilates. And if you are a practitioner, chances are you’re hooked. So just what is Pilates? Created by Joseph Pilates, his namesake exercises are based on more than 20 years of self-study and apprenticeship […]

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