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The art of the lunge

Ready to take a leading role in trimming your thighs, shaping your glutes and forming hips that fit perfectly in even your tightest pair of jeans? Listen up. ladies: The lunge does it all. Whether you’ve seen others at the gym performing this exercise or you’ve dabbled with it yourself, you might have reservations. After all, it […]

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6 Weeks To Better Bicycling

Kick some butt with the increased endurance you’ll gain from this specific six-week cycling plan. Unless otherwise noted,. each workout can be done on a local road with minimal traffic, in the park, on an off-road mountain bike trail, on the stationary bike or in an indoor cycling class–your choice. WEEK 1 Start slowly–allow your […]

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Don’t be afraid to flye

When most of us picture a perfect chest, we imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger or The Rock strutting their half-naked, action-hero physiques across movie screens. Good pecs are usually prized on men, and they should he a focal point on women as well. The pectoral muscles fan out from a narrow point at the shoulder joint and […]

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Test your true fitness level

When you’re fit and female, there’s no reason you have to relegate yourself to the gym for exercise. Like anything else, following the same old workout routine can get stale … fast! Want to take a risk and try something new, something adventurous and exciting, something to make you feel 15 again? Even better, some […]

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How to reap maximum benefits while you snooze

Your planned workout today is chest and triceps followed by cardio, and like your last several training sessions, you’re tired and listless after 20 minutes on the treadmill. What’s up? You’ve taken the steps to fuel your body properly and have been careful not to overtrain, so why can’t you muster up the energy for […]

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