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Test your true fitness level

When you’re fit and female, there’s no reason you have to relegate yourself to the gym for exercise. Like anything else, following the same old workout routine can get stale … fast! Want to take a risk and try something new, something adventurous and exciting, something to make you feel 15 again? Even better, some […]

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How to reap maximum benefits while you snooze

Your planned workout today is chest and triceps followed by cardio, and like your last several training sessions, you’re tired and listless after 20 minutes on the treadmill. What’s up? You’ve taken the steps to fuel your body properly and have been careful not to overtrain, so why can’t you muster up the energy for […]

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Tips for safe stretching

Warm up for at least five–preferably 10–minutes before your stretch session. Maintain correct body alignment throughout each movement. Learn proper form, making sure you keep your abs pulled in, a natural curve in your low back, and your shoulders, hips and knees in line.Execute each move–from start to finish–deliberately and slowly.Hold each stretch for 30 […]

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Perfect Form: Wide Grip Pull Up

Technique Take an overhand grip on a high horizontal bar with your hands placed 7-10 inches wider than your shoulders. Fully extend your arms and relax your shoulder muscles to stretch your lats. Inhale slightly more than usual and hold your breath as you begin to pull up. Raise your shoulders first while holding your […]

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Abs & Low Back: Supporting Cast

We ogle them, we obsess about them and we’re constantly holding them in. We look at them as a benchmark of superior fitness. We’re talking about abs, of course. But do you realize that it would be impossible to have fantastic abs without a strong and supportive low back? This is based on the fact […]

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Back: Stand Tall

One of the most revealing characteristics of a person is the way she carries herself. Body language can speak louder than words, and confidence emanates from a woman who holds her head and chest high and her shoulders back. After all, how much strength and conviction rises from a person who walks and sits with […]

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