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The magical effects of functional fitness

The effort to lose weight has become a lifelong struggle for many people, bouncing from one diet plan to the next with little success. Ninety-five percent of those who lose weight through dieting regain the lost pounds, most within one year. This yo-yo syndrome of weight loss and gain is not only frustration but may be dangerous to long […]

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Weight loss, the Ayurvedic system

Trying to get rid of extra pounds is a challenge, but one well worth taking on. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, obesity causes numerous avoidable health problems. Dieting can create difficulties as well, and often weight lost this way is gained back. We know that weighing too much is usually not just a function of eating too […]

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Achieving effective weight loss

Keeping in mind the following proven weight-loss “basics” will help ensure a successful – and healthy – weight-loss experience: 1) Eat less and exercise more. Effective weight-loss comes from a combination of proper eating and exercise – not dieting alone. The goal is to strike an energy deficit – your body needs to bum more calories than […]

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Break the weight-loss barrier

Dieters must be able to manage their everyday lives to avoid barriers to their weight–loss efforts. Strategies include avoiding or controlling everyday cravings, setting goals and priorities, and consistent exercise. Millions of Americans face the weight-loss front today. Some people are just thinking about battling their bulging bellies. Others have lost a few – or maybe many – pounds, […]

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