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Chicken tonight: look beyond the cellophane!

If you live near a supermarket that sells rotisserie chickens, you’ve got what it takes to make a delicious home-cooked meal in a hurry. Requiring just fresh-cooked chicken and a few other ingredients you can pick up at the grocery store, these simple, sensational suppers give new meaning to the terms “fast food” and “short order cook.” […]

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Tasty tofu tips

More and more people are eating soyfoods these days, but some products are easier to use than others. A soy burger can go from microwave to plate in a matter of seconds, and it takes no time at all to pour a glass of soymilk. But what do you do with tofu–that slippery block of white […]

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Keep your body red-hot but your kitchen cool

It’s summertime — time to enjoy the coolest of foods — and our seven light meals take advantage of the season’s harvest. The variety of fruits and vegetables will ensure you go beyond the Five-a-Day goal, and will keep you refreshed and energized. To keep preparation time to a minimum, we used precooked protein sources. […]

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