Keep your hair looking fresh during and after your workout

Before your workout

* Keep long hair back and off your neck with a fabric-coated elastic band.

* Use gel instead of hair spray to keep flyaways back. Using hairspray before a workout can block pores and cause acne on your face, neck and shoulders.

* Push bangs and short hair back with a headband.

After your workout

* If you don’t shampoo, at least give long hair a good rinse with water, then towel-dry it well, If you have time, blow-dry the roots for a little volume. Put it into a ponytail, or add some gel or silicone-based product to give it a clean appearance.

* Try using a flat iron on slightly damp or dry hair. This can help close the cuticle, and it’s less harsh on your hair than a blow dryer.

* If you have short hair, towel-dry it first, then quickly blow-dry your bangs in the right direction. Apply light pomade or gel and you’re ready to roll.

Quick fixes

These time-saving techniques will get you from workout to wherever you need to be in 60 seconds.

Long Hair

* Twist hair to ends at the base of the neck, then pull twisted hair to the top of your head, Fasten with a big clip for a French twist look.

* Try two braids on either side of your head for a cuts, casual look

* Part in the middle, slick hair down and tie back with a fabric-coated elastic band for a sophisticated look.

Medium-Length and Layered Hair

* No time at all? Fold a scarf in half to form a triangie. Place it on top of your head and tie at the nape of your neck. The hair falling on your shoulder’s and neck won’t attract as much attention as the scarf.

Short Hair

* Try pulling hair off your face with a thin headband.

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